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Censeo's Kelly Hahn Honored as one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pros to Know


Censeo's Kelly Hahn Honored as one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pros to Know

Supply & Demand Chain Executive announced its 18th annual listing of Pros to Know in the supply chain industry at the end of February. Censeo’s Kelly Hahn was selected to receive this honor. In a recent interview on a wide range of topics, Kelly shared insights on her role, Censeo’s work, and what this award means to her.

Having worked with Censeo Consulting for 11 years, Kelly has had the opportunity to focus on strategic sourcing and has led several department-wide programs. One particular source of pride was standing up the Department of Commerce’s strategic sourcing management office. Kelly cites how these kinds of efforts have enabled agencies to become more efficient and have led to significant savings. In fact, these initiatives have helped departments save over $100 million in just the past six years.

When asked why she loves what she does, Kelly states that it’s a combination of the people she works with and the consulting work that she does. Kelly loves working for Censeo and with the colleagues that she has. She cites that each project is a new opportunity to continue to learn about different subject areas. In fact, it was this idea that started Kelly on this career path. She felt that through consulting she would constantly be in an environment where she was being challenged and learning from new projects and clients. Kelly has indeed found that there have been many opportunities to grow. She continues to evolve and grow with the role, stating, “The consulting space is so interesting because you’re always faced with unique challenges.”

The best part of working with Censeo, according to Kelly, is a combination of the company’s culture and its people. Kelly adds, “It’s a group of hard-working, very bright individuals who really support each other and are very dedicated to going above and beyond to deliver for [Censeo’s] clients.” Kelly also likes working for a small firm that is able to attract talented employees who share core values.

When discussing the biggest challenges the supply chain community will face in 2018 and beyond, Kelly points to uncertainty with budgets in the government space. There’s also a need to understand where the demand is going to be and having access to data. Kelly is a proponent of both the purchasing side and the vendor having this access to quality and sufficient data so they can engage in meaningful negotiations. She is pleased to have seen purchasers develop a more active supplier management approach. According to Kelly, Censeo integrates these kinds of principles and practices into all of its acquisition projects and comes alongside to coach and advise its clients on best practices.

When asked about her inclusion as a Pro to Know in the supply chain industry, Kelly responds, “It’s definitely an honor to be recognized in my field. To think that the work that we have been doing is being viewed as meaningful and impactful is important.”

When Kelly is not consulting with clients, she may be found spending time with her two young kids or perhaps running a marathon. She recently won a selection by lottery to be able to run in the New York City Marathon in November.

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