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Acquisition Innovation

Define measurable outcomes & KPIs, and develop
executable strategies and plans

Lower Costs and Improve Outcomes

The Federal Government spends well over $500B on contracts each year while the US public sector spends over $2 Trillion as a whole. Getting the most value out those taxpayer dollars isn’t easy. Public sector leaders are burdened with significant budget cuts and limited resources while also being expected to drive innovation and customer-centricity in mission and service delivery. Plus, today’s acquisition environment includes rules, regulations and heightened oversight that makes the process very complex, time-consuming and confusing, especially for non-contracting professionals.

Our Solutions

Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

Leverage purchasing power and market forces to
reduce costs and increase value for commonly
procured goods and services

Mission Critical Procurement

Develop strategies and orchestrate
procurement/acquisition for the most complex
purchases and programs an organization undertakes

Data Strategy and Analytics

Improve visibility into spend, trends, and other
key indicators, and use data to improve ROI on
your procurement dollars

Acquisition Program Effectiveness

Improve how acquisition works with its customers,
and better balance compliance, control, and
flexibility to improve outcomes

How We Do It

Censeo's Acquisition Excellence Solutions enable improved acquistion outcomes through combining:


a proven approach for driving alignment and coordination between contracting and program offices


deep expertise and a market research engine that has delivered results across hundreds of categories


a proprietary analytics engine that enhances and creates insights from disaggregated and incomplete acquisition data


an unparalleled ability
to rapidly deliver hard
dollar savings

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