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Operational Improvement

With significant budget cuts, limited resources and hiring freezes,
public sector organizations are coming under immense pressure
to reduce inefficiency

Improve Mission Delivery Effectiveness

Our Operational Improvement solutions “peel back the onion” to find improvement opportunities at a granular enough and actionable level, and our experts will arm you with the insights and tools to execute fast and capture sustained benefits by utilizing these solutions

Our Solutions

Benchmarking and
Cost Reduction

Utilize a deep understanding of cost structures and true cost drivers to identify and realize cost reduction opportunities

Business Process

Identify and streamline the activities and processes truly needed to deliver mission outcomes; eliminate waste and improve efficiency

Decision Making

Instill a data-driven culture and tools that drive smarter operational decision-making throughout all levels of the organization

Program Analysis
and Performance Improvement

Align program structure and priorities with agency mission goals; measure and monitor performance to effectively deliver against that mission

Mission Support

Optimize overhead and administrative costs by streamlining mission support functions (Acquisition, HR, IT, etc.)

Our Operational
Improvement Processes

De-average Operating Costs

De-average operating costs (Administrative, IT, Facilities, etc.) and identify the true cost drivers, map these to specific mission outcomes enabled, eliminate cost line items that are not mission-critical, and reduce / optimize the remaining costs

Define Chain of Activities

Define the chain of activities truly needed to deliver the organization's mission, overlay this on what is currently being done, and identify and excise unnecessary / duplicative activities that can be eliminated without compromising mission outcomes

Identify Process Steps and Systems

Identify the discrete process steps and systems needed to deliver mission-critical activities, root cause the true drivers of inefficiency at each step, and optimize them to eliminate waste, remove bottlenecks and accelerate cycle times

Instrument Activities and Processes

Instrument activities and processes by developing data-driven decision-making mechanisms to help managers and executives monitor progress and make smarter operational decisions

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