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Complex public and social programs typically have long implementation paths, and are all too often prone to delays and cost / budget overruns.

With significant budget cuts and limited resources, public sector leaders are being called upon to clean up their management of such programs, and produce tangible outcomes in shorter timeframes, while navigating constantly evolving mission requirements and other disruptions (e.g., technological advances, workforce changes).

Effective mission delivery requires more than just a vision and a strategy – it requires mastery of execution and how to make change happen. Effective execution goes beyond project planning and management – it most critically requires the entire organization to have a transparent and thorough understanding of the outcomes that are being driven toward, and how each team’s or each individual’s specific actions contribute to or detract from those outcomes – it is this that drives effective execution planning and management, and team engagement in and effective execution of those plans. Most complex programs typically suffer from fuzzy goals that are neither sharply defined / articulated nor cascaded across the organization, resulting in poorly thought through plans that are inherently difficult to monitor and manage, and inevitably veer off track.

Our Strategy, Outcomes & Measurement solutions solve this problem by clarifying long-term vision into concrete strategies and measurable outcomes at different levels of granularity, identifying challenges to and developing approaches for accelerating execution and scaling impact, and deploying proven tools and metrics for measuring progress:

  • Engage stakeholders throughout the vision and strategy development process so that their needs and expectations inform the design of solutions. This includes describing the end results that an organization aims to deliver and identifying the strategies to achieve those results
  • Define measurable outcomes that can track program effectiveness and be benchmarked with comparable efforts
  • Understand an organization’s current capabilities to analyze performance data and identify ways to improve those capabilities including: collecting data, capturing data assumptions, identifying sources, assessing quality, standardizing calculations and reporting progress
  • Communicate what an organization is discovering, and use those lessons to continuously improve performance
  • Develop a clear direction on how to course correct strategies – as validated by business cases and other analyses -- so that they have greater impact

Learn more about our Strategy, Outcomes and Measurement Solutions:

  • Outcome Definition and Alignment – Identify what success looks like by engaging the perspectives of various stakeholders
  • Strategic Planning and Execution – Make a plan to achieve a program’s desired results, and arrange and implement activities by priority and time to completion
  • Performance Metrics and Benchmarking – Determine outcomes-driven performance metrics and set targets that are informed by internal and external benchmarks
  • Data-Driven Measurement and Performance Management – Manage resources and budget to improve performance
Recent Strategy, Outcomes & Management Clients
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For more information on our Strategy, Outcomes, & Measurement practice, contact Vanessa Tribastone