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Girl Power: Developing Fundraising Strategy for an International Education Organization

Case Study

Girl Power: Developing Fundraising Strategy for an International Education Organization

Censeo developed a fundraising strategy for a nonprofit organization that focuses on women’s education as they entered and expanded its presence in India.


Censeo’s client is a New York-based non-profit organization that aims to increase the demand for girls’ education so people will dream as big for girls as they do for boys. Recently, the organization received a multi-million dollar grant to expand their programming to new regions. As the government grant comes to an end, the organization is in the process of determining how to grow the organization in India, and must determine how the organization will raise money in a new market. Without knowing the amount of money that was needed, or how to prioritize potential financial opportunities, the organization partnered with Censeo to outline a fundraising strategy that will support the organization for the next three years.


Censeo took a five-step approach to outline a fundraising strategy for the organization.

  1. Define growth ambition – this included getting agreement on the organization’s vision, mission, objectives, current-state capabilities, and budget for all future-state programming.
  2. Outline fundraising segments – this involved listing all potential fundraising segments that the organization could pursue and researching them to understand the best casino au size and growth rate of the segment, who supports the segment, why this segment receives support, and how support is typically provided.
  3. Prioritize fundraising segments – this involved determining criteria against which to assess each identified market segment and then prioritizing a select group of market segments to pursue in both the short and longer term.
  4. Identify specific opportunities – this involved outlining criteria to be successful in each prioritized fundraising segment and identifying specific organizations, grants, affinity groups and government organizations to target within those prioritized segments. As part of assessing opportunities, we also quantified the potential financial benefit associated with pursuing each prioritized market segment.
  5. Build implementation roadmap – this involved identifying key tasks that need to be accomplished to successfully pursue each prioritized market segment as well as key milestones for the organization to assess progress.


Censeo was able to identify several million dollars of potential fundraising opportunities for the organization. There are a number of short-term priorities for the organization to consider, including determining a plan for fundraising support for the organization, finalizing the India program plan, and outlining expectations for the Board. Censeo also identified approximately $500,000 in annual investments that would be needed to successfully execute the proposed fundraising strategy.