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Censeo Consulting Group Speaks at FOSE 2014: Achieving IT Efficiency via Spend Visibility on May 14


Censeo Consulting Group Speaks at FOSE 2014: Achieving IT Efficiency via Spend Visibility on May 14

Washington, D.C., May 13, 2014–Censeo Consulting Group’s Daniel Hae-Dong Lee, Ph.D. will be speaking at  FOSE 2014 in a session titled “Achieving IT Efficiency via Spend Visibility,” on May 14 at 11:30 in Room 146C at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.

Dr. Lee will outline some of the issues government IT leaders are facing today including the need to lower overall costs, while their services remain steady or actually increase.  He will discuss some of the challenges larger government agencies face including the unwillingness to support consolidation of IT assets, neither at the IT infrastructure level nor at the application level.

“Despite significant known duplication and tremendous opportunity to drive efficiencies with modern technology and business models, the resistance is strong. There is a lack of transparency into what organizations are actually spending on IT, so it becomes difficult to show how much agencies are actually investing to enable their most mission-critical priorities,” Dr. Lee said.

In his presentation, Dr. will also discuss steps to achieve IT efficiency via spend visibility including:

1. Establish IT spend “baseline” for executive insights (e.g., discretionary vs. non-discretionary, spending for mission objectives)

2. Start small – pick a few areas in which it is fairly evident that there are significant efficiencies to be gained

3. Begin in areas of IT infrastructure, in which there tends to be less control issues than in working to consolidate and eliminate end-user applications

4. Seek involvement from mission owners so it does not appear it is only an IT-led analysis

5. Conduct benchmarking based on independent data (helps dampen arguments about the veracity of the analysis). Ensure “apple to apple” comparisons

6. Based on the cost analysis and benchmarking, launch a few projects that will drive significant efficiencies and cost savings

“This presentation will be very informative to federal agencies and commercial organizations who struggle to implement a process the helps them categorize their IT spend on mission critical objectives,” said Dr. Lee.  “It will provide ways for them to become high performing entities.”

A preview of Dr. Lee’s presentation at FOSE 14 can be found by visiting here.

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