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Censeo Wins Consulting Magazine's Excellence in Social & Community Investment Award


Censeo Wins Consulting Magazine's Excellence in Social & Community Investment Award

Excellence in Social & Community Investment Awards

Originally published in Consulting Magazine.

Lynsey Jeffries, CEO of Higher Achievement, likes to say that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not.  That’s where Higher Achievement comes in.  It aims to close the opportunity gap during pivotal middle school years.

By leveraging the power of communities—currently Washington DC Metro, Baltimore, Richmond and Pittsburgh—Higher Achievement provides a year-round learning environment, role models, and a culture of high expectations, resulting in college-bound scholars with the character, confidence, and skills to succeed.

And Higher Achievement makes a measurable impact on test scores, grades, social skills, and long-term success. Some 75 percent of Higher Achievement students improve their grade point average by at least one letter grade, and 96 percent graduate from high school—double the rate of their peers. And, 75 percent graduate from college—four times the rate of their peers.

And Censeo Consulting Group is making a measurable impact on Higher Achievement. The firm “proactively seeks out pro bono opportunities where we can strengthen the capacity of non-profit and educational organizations to deliver more impact for their local communities,” says Raj Sharma, founder and CEO of Censeo Consulting Group. “Our relationship with Higher Achievement is the hallmark of our community service program and signifies our commitment to improving public education.”

Censeo has contributed over $300,000 in pro-bono consulting to Higher Achievement, specifically helping the organization develop a financial model to enable its growth strategy and help monitor costs against student performance.

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