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Censeo Consulting Group Named SmartCEO 2016 GovStar Finalist


Censeo Consulting Group Named SmartCEO 2016 GovStar Finalist


Censeo Consulting Group was named a finalist for the SmartCEO 2016 GovStar Awards, an award that “honors government contractors for their technology innovation, workplace environment, growth, veteran support and impact on the industry and the marketplace as a whole.”

Censeo was selected as a finalist for their commitment to the idea that “if you hire bright, considerate, ambitious people and provide them with a supportive environment in which they can do their best work, you will ultimately succeed over a company that sees employees and clients as just numbers, and does not treat its employees with dignity and respect,” according to CEO Raj Sharma.

Censeo’s workplace culture has been previously highlighted in Harvard Business Review as an example of how “companionate love,” defined by a level of friendship and compassion, not only creates a positive office environment, but can also improve business outcomes as well.

The winners of the SmartCEO GovStar Awards will be selected Monday, Nov. 21, 2016. Read the full article on Censeo’s workplace culture and words of advice here.

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