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Censeo Consulting Group featured in Harvard Business Review for progressive workplace culture


Censeo Consulting Group featured in Harvard Business Review for progressive workplace culture

Cultivating a positive emotional work culture is the key to happy, productive employees, according to a recent Harvard Business Review article, which cited Censeo Consulting Group as a company demonstrating corporate culture best practices.

The firm’s strategy of fostering friendships among employees was highlighted as an example of how supporting kindness in the workplace increases impact and maximize results by gaining trust of both employees and clients. “Cultures that are explicitly more emotional and caring engender more loyalty, fostering better relationships among employees and clients,” stated Censeo CEO and co-founder Raj Sharma. “This in turn ultimately leads to more significant results for our clients.”

Censeo is one of many companies transitioning to a corporate culture that views emotion as key to professional success. Companies are beginning to track employee emotions—happiness, compassion, and fear, for example—to determine what drives wellness and productivity, and institutionalizing policies that promote positivity.

Censeo implements its policy of supporting an emotionally open and positive workplace from the very beginning, emphasizing the need to hire new employees based on not only ability to perform the job duties, but also to get along with others. Hiring managers have even turned down highly qualified candidates who would “destroy” the workplace culture, according to the authors.

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