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Censeo CEO, Raj Sharma, Letter to the Editor Featured in The Wall Street Journal


Censeo CEO, Raj Sharma, Letter to the Editor Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Washington, D.C., December 16, 2013–Censeo Consulting Group CEO, Raj Sharma, recently responded to William Greenwalt’s piece, “The Lunacy of ‘Fairness’ in Government Contracting,” which made waves with a frank discussion about whether the federal government’s attempts to introduce a level playing field has actually made it difficult for the most capable suppliers to bid.

In his letter, Mr. Sharma responded, “Instead, we have created a system that is unattractive to the best suppliers. Just like the best candidates have many options for jobs, the best suppliers have many alternatives outside of government to take their products. The ultimate impact is a loss of competition and loss of capabilities that are so direly needed to solve the many complex challenges government takes on”.

Mr. Sharma continues to write, “From an efficiency standpoint, the government procurement process in most cases is long, bureaucratic and creates barriers to entry, as described by Mr. Greenwalt. At a time when government is taking on more complex policy challenges like health-care reform and clean energy, we need to reframe the notion of competition to create an acquisition system that facilitates relationships with the most innovative and capable supplies for any given need.”

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