Business with Benevolence


Business with Benevolence


Since founding Censeo Consulting Group in 2003 and serving as its CEO, Carnegie Mellon University alumnus Raj Sharma has been guiding clients on how to operate more effectively while not excluding public and social goals. The company’s performance has led to inclusion in some noteworthy groups including The Washington Post’s Top Workplaces and Forbes’ Best Management Consulting Firms.

Being named to these publications is in line with what was recently written about Censeo by Sigal Barsade, professor of management at Wharton and Olivia A. O’Neil, a senior scholar at George Mason Center for the Advancement of Well-Being. In The Harvard Business Review they described Censeo as a stellar example of a workplace where the 50 employees share affection, goodwill and compassion.

Read the rest of the article at Carnegie Mellon University Today.

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