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Brit Kirwan Joins Censeo Consulting Group Board of Advisors


Brit Kirwan Joins Censeo Consulting Group Board of Advisors

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Censeo Consulting Group, a management and operations consulting firm that works with mission-driven organizations, has added William “Brit” Kirwan, Chancellor Emeritus of the University System of Maryland, to its board of advisors.

“We are honored to have Brit Kirwan join our team,” said Mark Finlan, director of Censeo’s higher education practice. “He not only brings tremendous experience and a reputation for innovation in education access, affordability, and cost containment, but he also is a valuable mentor to our team and many of our clients on achieving meaningful change in higher education.”

Prior to joining Censeo’s board of advisors, Kirwan served as the chancellor of the University System of Maryland, the president ofOhio State University, and the president of University of Maryland, College Park. He led the System’s successful efforts to achieve diversity goals, and oversaw initiatives to close the achievement gap by 2015.

Kirwan is viewed as an innovator among higher education leadership, and has been an outspoken champion of reducing university spending, eliminating traditional university ranking systems, and promoting online learning as a way to further decrease costs and tuition fees.

“I am excited to join Censeo as a senior advisor,” said Kirwan. “The firm’s focus on nonprofits, and mission-oriented organizations, especially higher education institutions, and its track record of driving meaningful change creates an opportunity for close collaboration with many positive outcomes.”

Kirwan will join Censeo’s board of advisors among Shelly Kapoor Collins, Terry Lierman, and Dick Mann.

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