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FedRAMP Accelerated Feedback – Capability Readiness Assessment Report


FedRAMP Accelerated Feedback – Capability Readiness Assessment Report

Censeo Consulting Group and ACT-IAC released the FedRAMP Accelerated Feedback Report in response to GSA’s call for public comment on the FedRAMP Readiness Capabilities Assessment. The FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO) at GSA is revamping FedRAMP Ready to include a FedRAMP Readiness Capabilities Assessment. FedRAMP released a draft of the FedRAMP Readiness Assessment Report Template and a companion document, the FedRAMP Readiness Assessment Guidance for CSPs and 3PAOs, for public comment.

The content in this ACT-IAC report is in response to the draft FedRAMP Readiness Assessment Report feedback request. The Cloud COI members engaged in active participation to present comments in the form of feedback to the PMO. The COI  facilitated collaboration of Government, 3PAOs, and CSPs to provide the feedback and input to FedRAMP on the new process. Input and practical suggestions are provided to further enhance FedRAMP Capability Readiness Assessment.

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