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Censeo's Christy Fortin Honored as one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pros to Know


Censeo's Christy Fortin Honored as one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pros to Know

Censeo Consulting’s Christy Fortin was included as an honoree when Supply & Demand Chain Executive announced its 18th annual listing of Pros to Know in the supply chain industry at the end of February. We wanted to get Christy’s thoughts on Censeo, her role, and what this recognition means to her.

Having worked with Censeo since 2007, Christy speaks highly of the company and its team members. When asked about the best part of working with Censeo, Christy responds, “The people, hands down.”
She goes on to describe her colleagues as intelligent, driven, and fun to be around and says that they are “truly committed to delivering client results”.

During her eleven years with the company, Christy has worked with GSA and federal agencies on developing and implementing strategic sourcing and category management programs. Through this work Christy has seen a big transformation in the approach federal procurement staff takes in acquisitions. She takes pride in knowing that these federal employees are “being much more open to engaging with vendors to develop mutually beneficial outcomes through collaboration within federal regulation limits.”

When talking about the biggest challenges the supply chain community in the federal government will face in the immediate future, Christy cites the current administration’s efforts to reduce regulations and streamline the acquisition process to make it more efficient, adding that this could result in “significant implications for vendors and the federal contracting community.” Censeo has worked for years with clients to provide thought leadership on efforts to streamline the procurement process and supporting the acquisition community to implement federal acquisition mandates from Strategic Sourcing to Category Management and FITARA (Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act).

Christy’s reasons are two-fold when asked about why she loves what she does. First, she gets a sense of accomplishment and takes great pride in helping the federal government implement industry best practices. Secondly, Christy likes knowing that taxpayer dollars can be saved and used more effectively in the process.

When asked about being recognized as a Pro to Know in the supply chain industry, Christy again focuses on the team approach and the notable impact of Censeo’s consulting services, saying “To me it reinforces the value our work provides to the federal supply chain community and work to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.”

If you want to find Christy on vacation, look for her on the beach- even if it’s not warm! She also loves hiking in the mountains, spending time with her three kids, getting together with friends and family, and enjoying good food. Oh, and other thing you may not know about Christy… she’s a huge sumo fan. She started following the sport while teaching English in Hiroshima, Japan after college.

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