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Censeo and Michigan State University Host Executive Roundtable on Organizational Effectiveness: Transforming Procurement to Deliver Results


Censeo and Michigan State University Host Executive Roundtable on Organizational Effectiveness: Transforming Procurement to Deliver Results

Army and EPA Procurement Leaders Serve as Key-Note Speakers

Washington, D.C., March 5, 2014–Censeo Consulting Group, a leader in strategy and operations consulting, in partnership with Michigan State University (MSU), hosted one of their many executive roundtables earlier this week at the Marriot Metro Center titled “Transforming Procurement to Deliver Results.” The roundtable highlighted case studies from the Army and EPA and strategized on how to go beyond superficial fixes and address all aspects of procurement to deliver value and results.

Presenters included John Bashista, Director, Office of Acquisition Management at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Melissa Cossentino, Director, Review and Oversight, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Procurement); Dr. Tim Laseter, Senior Advisor, Censeo Consulting Group and Professor, Darden, University of Virginia; Mark Finlan, Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Workforce Optimization, Jeff Jeffress, Principal, Strategic Planning and Organizational Efficiency, Censeo Consulting Group; and Joe Sandor, Professor, Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (MSU).

“Creating a dialogue on lessons learned from the Army and EPA was incredibly useful because it allowed other agencies to identify opportunities to drive efficiencies and improve performance of their procurement function using similar techniques,” said Jeff Jeffress, Principal at Censeo.

“This roundtable was an open and outstanding exchange of ideas and best practices to help move federal government acquisition toward practices that drive value,” said Joe Sandor, Professor of Supply Chain at MSU.

This roundtable highlighted the lessons learned at both the Army and EPA and how proven practices can be applied in any agency including:

  • Successes in organizational effectiveness within each agency
  • Streamlining accountability within agencies
  • Strengthening customer support
  • Establishing great enterprise-level coordination
  • Simplifying business processes to improve performance

This roundtable is part of a series of executive roundtables where Censeo and MSU will bring private sector knowledge, academic perspective, and government experience together to help solve government’s most pressing IT problems.

To learn more about these events, sign up here.

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