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Censeo Principal Jonathan Selter Recognized as a Consulting Magazine Rising Star of the Profession


Censeo Principal Jonathan Selter Recognized as a Consulting Magazine Rising Star of the Profession

The 2015 Rising Stars of the Profession

Originally published in Consulting Magazine.

Jonathan Selter has been a Rising Star within Censeo Consulting ever since he joined the firm from Harvard University. Six years and three promotions later, he rose to become a member of the firm’s leadership team as a Principal last summer.

He’s been a pioneer across multiple major transformations in the public sector, incuding leading campus-wide cost reduction projects at Georgetown University and The College of William & Mary, heloing each achieve multimillian-dollar savings.

“I am particularly passionate about education and the opportunities that higher education can provide,” Selter Says. “I am proud to contribute to controlling the costs of higher education. Working with leadership at universities such as William & Mary to control costs and focus the university on operational efficiency has been a career highlight.”

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Jonathan Selter is a Principal at Censeo Consulting Group.  He was recently recognized as a Consulting Magazine Rising Star of the Profession in the Excellence in the Public Sector category.

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