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Federal News Radio Highlights Censeo Cost Reduction Work for Department of Commerce


Federal News Radio Highlights Censeo Cost Reduction Work for Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce savings highlighted as part of a special report, A New Era in Technology

Washington, D.C., January 06, 2014–Censeo Consulting Group’s work with the Department of Commerce was recently featured on Federal News Radio on Federal Drive as part of a special report titled, “A New Era in Technology.”

Censeo worked with the Department of Commerce (DOC) to implement cost reduction strategies through rapid identification agency-wide.  This included evaluating existing spending streams, identifying opportunities for improved efficiency and or cost reduction, taking corrective action where appropriate, while ensuring mission delivery.

As a result of the efforts, DOC has been able to save more than $200 million in administrative costs through collaborative strategic sourcing efforts between the CIO and the CFO community.  One of the main areas where the two teams found significant savings was in strategic sourcing, where they’ve streamlined IT acquisition and technologies by using centralized contracts.

“There have been a number of areas in which we’ve done this, ranging from acquisition of some of our continuous monitoring technologies to blanket-purchase agreements for end-point protection software,” said Simon Szykman, chief information officer, Commerce Department. “But one of the areas where we’ve had the most significant savings just based on the volume of spending in particular areas is in PC purchasing, where a couple of years ago we had over 100 contracts for purchasing PCs across the Department of Commerce. We worked together collaboratively with input from organizations across the department to develop a single purchasing contract for PCs that was centralized and supported the entire department.”

Commerce put the contract into place in early 2013 and has since seen average savings of about 35 percent for every PC it purchased.

“One additional benefit is not just the dollar-savings per PC that we’re buying, but actually the hidden savings of not having a large number of people, both on the purchasing side, the requirement side as well as the acquisition organization side managing and putting in place well over a hundred different contracts for purchasing what’s essentially an identical commodity across the department,” Szykman said.

“We are proud of the work we’ve done with DOC to not only partner with them to realize immediate value from their spending but also to help establish organizational capabilities and processes that result in long-term value,” said Kareem El-Alaily, Director of IT Practice at Censeo.

Listen to and read the article here. You can read other Censeo strategic sourcing success stories here.

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