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Practical Advice to Advance Cloud Adoption


Practical Advice to Advance Cloud Adoption

Censeo Principal Daniel Hae-Dong Lee had the privilege to be part of the ACT-IAC Cloud Computing Working Group, which was asked to investigate the barriers to cloud adoption in government. The group started by surveying government and industry leaders, and quickly learned that their biggest roadblock was security, followed by the acquisition process itself. With this information in hand, the working group assembled over 40 technology, procurement, and financial leaders from government and industry to dig into the topic of improving cloud acquisition. What emerged were three areas of recommendations:

  • Eliminate false choices: know your real mission needs.
  • Seek to standardize: special requirements mean higher costs. Avoid custom solutions.
  • Fit for the FAR: pick your contract vehicle to match the most flexible seamless adoption path available.


Read the full report here:

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