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Support Your Community and Be a Part of Our Federal IT Modernization Study


Support Your Community and Be a Part of Our Federal IT Modernization Study

Make your voice heard for a great cause! As part of our ongoing efforts to create a more open, efficient, and innovation-driven market for the public sector, Censeo Consulting Group, in collaboration with Public Spend Forum, is launching a study focused on federal information technology (IT) modernization, a substantial and important part of government spending. For every survey completed, we will be donating $10 to the nonprofit of choice – Bridges to CommunityHigher Achievement, or Urban Alliance.*

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A significant portion of government IT spending goes toward maintaining legacy systems that are based on old, outdated technology. These systems are expensive to maintain, pose an increased risk of cyberattack, and are less responsive to the needs of the mission. Despite clear indications of the need to update these legacy systems, federal IT modernization efforts have not moved quickly enough and, in doing so, have accelerated a growing crisis.

The goal of this study is to understand the underlying organizational factors that affect IT modernization projects, including successful and unsuccessful ones. The study’s findings and best practice recommendations will be shared with federal IT, Acquisition, and Program leaders, helping them to overcome barriers to IT modernization and execute their mission more effectively.

Online Survey – While the overall study includes comprehensive secondary research and interviews, we are also conducting an online survey that explores the reasons that lead to IT modernization failures and successes. The survey tests hypotheses beyond the normally-stated factors that hinder modernization such as insufficient funds and limited time, and delves into deeper issues that few discuss including the government’s risk-reward profile, leadership turnover and misalignment, and the role of incumbent vendors.

If you are a federal employee or someone with expertise in federal IT modernization, we want to hear from you, please click here to take the survey. It should take 15 minutes to complete and will remain open until June 17.

Respondents will have the option to submit their answers anonymously. All federal employees are welcome to take the survey, regardless of whether they work in IT or not. Feel free to forward the survey to any of your colleagues who may want to share their perspective. With $10 donated to the nonprofit of your choice (Bridges to CommunityHigher Achievement or Urban Alliance), every click counts!*

If you would like to receive a copy of the study upon its completion, please email us at

*Up to $1,250 per organization.

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