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The Right Person for the Job: Helping a Federal Agency Navigate a Shifting Workforce and Resources

Case Study

The Right Person for the Job: Helping a Federal Agency Navigate a Shifting Workforce and Resources

Faced with changing workload needs and workforce supply, a large federal agency turned to Censeo for help deploying resources more effectively through an organizational and staffing analysis.

A large government agency needed to increase their workforce and reallocate resources based on a shifting workload, but lacked an objective method to assess the required resources. Censeo helped several of the client’s internal departments build and pilot a workload model to calculate how changing workload affected required staffing levels. The agency’s leadership has used the model to predict various workload scenarios and develop policies and strategies accordingly.

Censeo’s technical expertise in the area of establishing activities, identifying workload drivers, and developing workload models is exceptional. They expertly lead [the team] through the modeling process.


Faced with a lack of clarity into how workload and resources were being allocated across the agency, and struggling to identify workload changes from year to year, the client hired Censeo to develop and pilot a workforce planning model. The purpose of the model was to identify and reduce inefficiencies.


To gain a thorough understanding of the agency’s current workload, Censeo undertook an extensive workload allocation definition process, including workshops, employee surveys, and the incorporation of best practices. Based on their findings and expertise, Censeo then built a workforce model and staffing plan to help the agency design a workforce strategy that met its Human Capital requirements. The final model included an easy-to-use interface so it would be user-friendly for years to come. Censeo layered change management throughout the process, hosting periodic workshops, demonstrations, and trainings so that when the model was finalized, it was quickly understood and adopted by leadership.


The workforce planning tool has provided the client with data-driven staffing recommendations across multiple staff types and functional areas based on the client’s specific organizational structure, business functions, and future workload.

The workload model was evaluated and adopted agency-wide as a valuable source of input into the agency’s workforce planning processes. This dynamic tool provides leadership with recommendations across various scenarios, helping them understand the impact of workload and organizational shifts.