Case Study

Getting What You Pay For: Aligning Member Needs and Product Offerings for a Higher Education Access Nonprofit

Satisfying diverse customer requirements is a challenge for any organization. Censeo’s identification and categorization of customer segments helped a large membership-based nonprofit launch a tiered product offering to increase responsiveness to their customers’ needs.

Thanks, again, for the relentless pursuit of excellence. Without you this organization simply could not have done what we have accomplished in such a short time. – Client CEO


A nonprofit online service provider for higher education access provided its customers with a single platform, “one-size-fits-all” product that did not meet their diverse needs and requirements. Many expressed that they felt they were paying for services and features they did not really need or request. Others wanted more robust capabilities. To address this issue, Censeo undertook a customer segmentation and product pricing study at the request of the nonprofit’s leadership.


Getting to the heart of the matter— customer requirements —Censeo led interviews to gather extensive member input, and discovered unmet needs including data analytics and key process integration for many of the member segments. With this information in mind, the Censeo team used a membership-wide survey and conjoint analysis to assess the different member segments and propose a tiered product platform with flexible pricing options.


Based on specific recommendations in the Censeo study, the new tiered product platform and pricing matrix were integrated into the client’s future business strategies and revenue projections. In addition, the client began exploring the option of offering an à la carte data analytics service to members to further improve customer service.

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