Procurement & Operations

IT Metrics Spotlight: IT spend as a % of total spend, comparison by agency

Three Lessons From the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative

What is the Government Buying? With Product Services Codes, We May Never Really Know

Ebook: Marketing Insights for Purchasing IT Hardware

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Breaking the FAR-th Wall: Tackling Vendor Engagement Myths in the Public Procurement Community

Back to Business: Federal Contracting in the Trump Administration

The next four years will be anything but business as usual. While the presidential transition will have a major impact on all aspects of agency budgeting and operations, the workload will be felt most immediately by agency acquisition professionals and government contractors. Agencies and contractors should start making plans for sustained programmatic success come Inauguration Day. We have created a timeline of potential impacts the federal procurement community can expect over the short-, mid-, and long-term.

Mind the Gap: Strengthening the Public Sector Workforce [Infographic]

The U.S. government spends nearly $2 trillion on goods and services each year, purchases overseen by the public procurement workforce. This infographic breaks down the skill sets of the public sector, using a competency model to evaluate proficiency and identify next steps in strengthening the workforce.

Risky business: Risk aversion impedes IT modernization

Federal agencies know the importance of modernizing aging IT systems - so what obstacles block the path from good intentions to successful execution? Based on our federal IT modernization study, our Federal Times article examines how managerial risk adversity can impede innovation and growth in the public sector.

The Government Buys $2 Trillion Worth of Stuff Every Year: Here Are 5 Ways To Do It Better

As originally featured in Gov Exec, Censeo CEO Raj Sharma makes the case for strengthening the public sector workforce, and lays out the framework against which agencies can measure progress and areas for improvement.