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Back to Business: Federal Contracting in the Trump Administration

The next four years will be anything but business as usual. While the presidential transition will have a major impact on all aspects of agency budgeting and operations, the workload will be felt most immediately by agency acquisition professionals and government contractors. Agencies and contractors should start making plans for sustained programmatic success come Inauguration Day. We have created a timeline of potential impacts the federal procurement community can expect over the short-, mid-, and long-term.

FITARA Roundtable: How To Improve IT Reform

Censeo Managing Director Kareem El-Alaily, Rich Beutel (Cyrrus Analytics), and Mike Hettinger (Hettinger Strategy Group) sat down with Public Spend Forum to discuss their latest white paper, obstacles to FITARA implementation, and the future of federal IT. Read more on the Public Spend Forum community portal.

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MeriTalk's coverage of Censeo's white paper, "FITARA at a Crossroads: 10 Recommendations to Improve FITARA Implementation"

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Federal News Radio's coverage of the Censeo white paper, "FITARA at a Crossroads: Ten Recommendations to Improve FITARA Implementation"