Federal programs rely on the products and services they acquire in order to execute their missions. In many cases, vendor performance is THE most visible driver of program success. Unfortunately, the Federal contracting process is confusing, complex, and time-consuming.  And program leaders are often unsure that their overworked colleagues in agency acquisition organizations can help them navigate the process successfully.

Primary Acquisition Challenges Faced by Programs:

Failing to Meet Critical Deadlines

The Federal procurement process is rife with missed deadlines due to systematic delays, constant rework, and last-minute scrambling to get the acquisition done.

Competing Priorities With Acquisition

The goals, processes, and priorities of agency acquisition offices are often at odds with those of the program, forcing program leaders to make detrimental trade-offs.

Dissatisfaction with Vendors

The wrong acquisition strategy, unsound evaluation criteria or requirements that do not reflect the program’s changing needs can result in an award to a vendor who falls short.


Stretched Program Resources

Program offices are already stretched thin as it is. Pulling staff away from their day jobs to develop and support a procurement impedes the mission.


Employing a proven and flexible critical procurement support approach designed and implemented by acquisition excellence experts is crucial for Federal agencies and organizations ability to navigate the acquisition process in a changing operating environment.

Censeo: Critical Procurement Experts

We have been helping Federal programs improve acquisition outcomes for over 15 years. Our team of acquisition and technical experts brings a track record of success supporting the full acquisition lifecycle for over 150 critical acquisitions across a breadth of categories worth more than $200B.

Full Acquisition Lifecycle Support


Graphic with Work Sans

Breadth of Supported Categories

IT Products & Services

  • Productivity Software
  • Cloud Software & Services
  • Network Hardware
  • Laptop & Workstations
  • Network hardware
  • Mobile Devices and Plans

Mission Specific Support

  • Labs & Hospital Supplies
  • Logistics Services
  • Weapons Systems
  • Sustainment Supplies
  • Fleet Management


Professional Services

  • Engineering Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Contact Center Support
  • Public Relations & Advertising
  • Training Services
  • Travel Services
  • Delivery Services

Office & Facilities

  • Building Services
  • Furniture
  • Maintenance Supplies
  • Food Services
  • Physical Security & Guard Services



Censeo’s Critical Procurement Support provides programs with the strategies, materials, and facilitation necessary to navigate the Federal acquisition process.  Our strategic procurement approach includes:


A proprietary Acquisition Toolkit containing best practices, benchmarks, templates, and decision support tools that reduce confusion and shortens lead-times


A focus on Stakeholder Engagement to align key individuals within the program and across contracting, finance, and other offices


A strategic approach to Market Analysis to identify the best way to tap the capabilities of potential suppliers.


A data-driven Needs Assessment Methodology to translate program goals into a clear definition of requirements.

The Key Benefits of our Approach are:


Shorter Acquisition Time
Shorter Acquisition Time
Less Internal Workload
Less Internal Workload
Improved Access To Supplier Capabilities
Improved Access To Supplier Capabilities
Better Mission Outcome
Better Mission Outcomes

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