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Censeo CEO Raj Sharma Writes Chapter in Nationally Published Book Titled "Governing to Win"


Chapter Mr. Sharma Writes Focuses on his Work in Procurement

Washington, D.C., August 16, 2012 - Censeo Consulting Group, a leader in operations and supply chain consulting, announced today that CEO Raj Sharma, President of the FAIR institute, has written a chapter titled Rethinking Government Purchasing and Supply Chains in a nationally published the book titled Governing to Win:  Enhancing National Competitiveness Through New Policy and Operating Approaches.

The chapter provides nine recommendations for managing the over 500 billion dollars spent by the U.S. Government on purchased goods and services. The goal of the chapter is to frame a number of ways that the Government can drive near-term benefits, while implementing broader structural changes that can be realized over the longer term.

In summary, the nine recommendations Mr. Sharma provides are:

  1. Re-envision the role of government purchasing from managing purchases and price to managing supply chains and total cost 
  2. Appoint a chief federal supply chain officer to lead a new Office of Federal Supply Chain Management to elevate the role of purchasing 
  3. Strengthen the role of departmental headquarters and redefine the role of chief procurement officers 
  4. Strengthen strategic sourcing and centralize management of common categories 
  5. Establish supplier performance and relationship management programs 
  6. Implement TechStat-style reviews of major acquisition programs 
  7. Restructure the workforce and transform the culture 
  8. Streamline the Federal Acquisition Regulations and the procurement process 
  9. Leverage technology to improve transparency, maximize competition and drive down cost 

"Given the current fiscal environment, there is an unprecedented opportunity to not only transform the way government purchases but also the way it manages its supply chains. While most elements of the recommendations proposed in this chapter require no formal policy or legisla­tive changes, all will require the partnership and input of key stakeholders including the White House, Congress, agencies, and suppliers." said Mr. Sharma. "The overall intent is to broaden the discussion beyond tactics and help inform the agenda for purchasing reform going forward."

The book Governing to Win:Enhancing National Competitiveness Through New Policy and Operating Approaches, is edited by Charles L. Prow and published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. The book is available on Amazon.