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Strategic IT

The time has passed where CIOs and senior executives are expected to solely be managers of technology. In today’s under-resourced IT environment, CIOs have to balance investment priorities to meet mission-critical needs while optimizing the IT infrastructure.

Censeo has partnered with CIOs and senior executives across large organizations such as the Navy, Department of Commerce, State Department, GSA, and numerous colleges and universities to drive tangible service-level improvements and significant cost reductions to their IT portfolios, often in a matter of months.

Censeo is the market leader in federal IT sourcing, having advised and supported the federal government on several ground-breaking software and hardware licensing agreements that have saved the American taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars. However, Censeo’s IT expertise expands to include a wide array of strategic IT services, all of which allows our clients to reduce or reorganize their IT investment to improve business value. Examples include providing unprecedented cost-to-serve visibility, creating cloud migration strategies, enabling Big Data capabilities, providing interim turn-around leadership, optimizing workforce productivity, and building shared services capabilities.

Censeo brings a unique model to providing strategic IT solutions. Unlike many in the market, Censeo is not a systems integrator, IT body shop, or re-seller, allowing us to provide honest and conflict-free advice on the best solutions for each individual organization. Additionally, we work hard to pave the way for smooth implementations by spending significant time understanding the stakeholder environment and addressing change management complexities. This allows our clients to routinely achieve success implementing proposed solutions, even after we have left.

Censeo’s strategy offerings include:

  • Portfolio Optimization – Align resources, funding and desired service levels towards more strategic and mission-critical activities within the IT portfolio

  • ELA Sourcing Strategy – Leverage Strategic Vendor Management principles to improve organization purchasing power and lower the total cost of ownership around key hardware and software solutions

  • FITARA Improvement – Enable your organization to better meet FITARA mandates, enhance current scorecard performance and prepare for new scorecard metrics

  • Program Evaluation & Modernization – Identify opportunities to improve program performance, including assessments of whether to update or replace legacy systems

  • Cost Management – Understand true cost-to-serve across IT functional areas (e.g., Email, ERP, End User Support, Telecom) in order to better manage costs and service levels

  • Organization Optimization – Align the IT workforce to optimally deploy resources based on strategic objectives

  • Infrastructure Optimization – Identify gaps and opportunities within the IT infrastructure to gain efficiencies and improve service levels (e.g., Data Center Consolidation, Help Desk Optimization, Cloud Migration, etc.)

Recent Strategic IT Clients

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