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Procurement & Operations

Efficient and effective operations, including procurement and supplier relationships, are critical to achieving strategic goals. Censeo helps organizations rapidly reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of their operational and procurement processes.

Internal processes (e.g. processing claims) or support functions such as facilities, finance, human resources, IT and procurement are a critical part of any organization. If not done well, they can lead to unnecessary waste of resources and even worse, lead to poor customer service and impeded achievement of strategic goals. Censeo is a recognized leader in helping government, nonprofit, and education organizations reduce costs and unlock the hidden value from operations and procurement, leading to increased customer satisfaction, reduced complexity, and better mission outcomes.

Censeo provides comprehensive services not only to realize immediate value, but also to establish organizational capabilities and processes that result in long-term value. Our services include:

    • Strategic Sourcing & Category Management – Leverage purchasing power and market forces to reduce costs and increase value for commonly procured goods and services

    • Operational Cost Reduction – Identify opportunities to reduce costs across entire organizations while improving performance and productivity

    • Mission Critical Procurements – Develop strategies and orchestrate procurement/acquisition for the most complex purchases and programs an organization undertakes

    • Process Analysis, Design & Improvement – Optimize business processes to improve speed, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce cost and complexity

    • Supplier / Vendor Management – Build and manage vendor relationships to leverage supply chain capabilities and achieve superior supply chain performance

    • Supply Chain Management – Locate the opportunities to improve overall supply chain performance

    • Logistics & Transportation – Synchronize procurement, logistics, transportation, and storage to lower total cost of ownership, and ensure the right supplies are available at the right time

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