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Organization & Human Capital

To stay on top in the current fiscal environment, organizations need to assess their effectiveness to remove redundancies, streamline decision-making, and become truly high performing.

Becoming more effective goes beyond boxes and lines on an org chart–it encompasses aligning stakeholders against a clear and compelling vision, defining clear roles and responsibilities, placing people with the right skills in the right jobs, and making sure business processes, policies, systems, and data serve as enablers not inhibitors. Censeo provides comprehensive services and expertise to help organizations improve effectiveness and realize efficiencies, all leading to higher overall performance and improved employee satisfaction.

At Censeo, our approach is grounded in having a long-term view, but at the same time developing “quick wins” that rapidly start the journey towards high performance. By using a rigorous combination of our diagnostic tools, interviews and surveys, and data and analyses, we help build a bulletproof fact base that unearths and prioritizes the problem areas, and then we work together to design and implement pragmatic solutions that make sense for each unique organization.

We are working with clients to break down organizational barriers, address inefficiencies, and build workforce capabilities. Our organizational and workforce development services include:

    • Organization Design & Effectiveness – Determine top priorities and key drivers of value and align the structure to enable management and the frontline to succeed

    • Workforce Analysis & Planning – Determine workforce requirements, evaluate existing state and ultimately predict the optimal deployment of resources

    • Change Management – Deliver results by predicting and mitigating risks and ensuring two-way communications with all key stakeholders

    • Talent & Culture – Quantify the talent gap and identify the desired culture; then recruit, train, and deploy resources accordingly

    • Shared Services – Leverage support needs across the organization to gain efficiencies

Recent Organization & Human Capital Clients

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