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IT Metrics Spotlight: IT spend as a % of total spend, comparison by agency

Summary of OMB Memo M-17-22 – Comprehensive Plan for Reforming the Federal Government

Mind the Gap: Strengthening the Public Sector Workforce [Infographic]

The U.S. government spends nearly $2 trillion on goods and services each year, purchases overseen by the public procurement workforce. This infographic breaks down the skill sets of the public sector, using a competency model to evaluate proficiency and identify next steps in strengthening the workforce.

The Government Buys $2 Trillion Worth of Stuff Every Year: Here Are 5 Ways To Do It Better

As originally featured in Gov Exec, Censeo CEO Raj Sharma makes the case for strengthening the public sector workforce, and lays out the framework against which agencies can measure progress and areas for improvement.

Public Spend Forum and Censeo Consulting Group Collaborate with Volcker Alliance to Develop Public Procurement Workforce Skills Model

How can the government most effectively spend $2 trillion in goods and services? In their report, "Doing The People's Business: Key Competencies for Effective Public Procurement," Censeo, Public Spend Forum, and Volcker Alliance identify areas of improvement for the public procurement workforce, and next steps for filling those skill gaps.

Maintaining the Vision of Your Mission: Assessing and Optimizing Defense Workforces

Defense agencies often allocate more than half of workforce resources to non-core activities. Identifying and analyzing these resources through an organizational assessment can help free up resources to be reinvested in core missions.

Making the grade! The Congressional FITARA Scorecard as a Catalyst for Change

What agencies are making the grade- and why does it matter? Censeo Managing Director Kareem El-Alaily makes the case for the Congressional FITARA scorecard as a way to ensure accountability for federal IT programs and innovation.

Can Economics Fix Public Procurement?

We talk a lot about "procurement reform." Instead, we should be looking at government purchasing through the lens of economics and how markets really work.

We Can Work It Out: Identifying Federal Workforce Challenges and Opportunities

How can agencies meet workforce demands with shifting missions and budgets? Censeo Managing Director Jeff Jeffress shares insights on identifying- and overcoming- challenges to federal workforce planning.

FedRAMP Accelerated Feedback – Capability Readiness Assessment Report