Our Work

We believe that effective and efficient management and operational practices are critical to the success of any organization.

Censeo’s strategy and operations services help our mission-driven clients to operate more effectively, so they can better deliver on their public and social goals.

We partner with our clients to work through bureaucratic inertia and make change happen even in complex, multi-stakeholder environments. Because we integrate strategy and execution, we are able to provide and execute data-driven recommendations for clients.

Our Clients

We work with mission-driven clients, ranging from the most complex federal agencies and higher education institutions to small nonprofits. What they all have in common is their focus on improving the public and social good.

What We Do

We are experts in strategy and operations, particularly in the areas of organizational models, procurement and acquisition, IT strategy, and workforce effectiveness. Our goal is to always help our clients achieve maximum results.

Our Approach

We use Results-Oriented Problem Solving to deliver immediate impact and real change for our clients.

How? Over the last decade, we’ve developed an approach called Results-Oriented Problem Solving (ROPS), which we designed specifically to align stakeholders on social goals and overcome bureaucratic inertia so our clients can get to meaningful change.

Because every challenge is solved differently, ROPS isn’t a cookie-cutter process; it’s a flexible framework that keeps our thinking fresh, focuses on the right problem, engages the right people, and delivers results.

ROPS doesn’t just help achieve results; it helps our clients gets there quickly because we also believe speed is essential to real change.