Who We Are

Who We Are

We’ve always believed change is possible.

We wanted to build a company that focused not only on growth, but also on positive impact and the difference we can make in the world.

–Raj Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder

Since our founding, we’ve had big goals. It has never been about just building another consulting firm. Instead, it’s been about building a firm that always does the right thing, no matter how hard the decision. It’s been about building a firm where people can realize their true potential and really enjoy their work. It’s been about delivering tangible results and meaningful change to issues that matter.

More than a decade later, we are proud to say that we continue to live by the values we established at the outset and we continue to deliver the results we’ve always promised. We’ve built a values-based culture that thrives on being open and transparent, challenging conventional wisdom and the status quo, and using facts and evidence to drive change. Our world-class, award-winning culture is a tribute to our people, who are not only brilliant, but also consistently recognized by our clients as down-to-earth and a joy to work with. Our work, focused on making organizations run better so they can solve big problems faced by society, is rewarding because of the difference it is making for our clients and society at large.

Values and attributes

At Censeo, our corporate culture is focused on driving real organizational change and tangible business results. We do that by fostering an open, collaborative, and balanced environment that leads to strong client relationships and happy, productive consultants.

Our number one commitment to our clients is results with long-term impact. We go beyond strategy and put an unrelenting focus on execution, ensuring that our clients achieve results that last well beyond our presence.

We always think long-term and are committed to a win-win approach in all our relationships – with clients, our people, our partners, and our communities.

We aim to strike the right balance between work and life for our people. We are passionate about work and our clients but are also fun-loving and easy-going. Ultimately, we believe balance means more value and more energetic consultants for our clients.

We believe in the power of teams.  We get our energy by engaging with people and place a premium on listening to, and collaborating with, our clients.

Intellectually Curious
We are continually learning and analytically astute. We have a can-do attitude and believe there is an answer to every problem, no matter how challenging.

We are passionate about making a difference and have the courage to “do the right thing.”

Our roots

In 2003, Raj Sharma and Lido Ramadan were management consultants helping organizations improve their operations.

Raj and Lido liked the work, but were also getting an inside view of how difficult it is to accomplish tangible, lasting change within large, complex organizations. They began hatching an idea for a new engagement model – one that could work better for both clients and employees.

With this idea in mind, they started a new kind of consultancy – one that focused on producing results, and one that truly valued people, giving them a better way to manage and balance work in their lives.

They founded Censeo with a clear mission: to help organizations operate more effectively and ensure maximum return for every invested dollar. Their vision was to improve the well-being of Censeo’s clients, people, and society as a whole.