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Seeing is Believing: Translating a Mission into Day-to-Day Operational Performance Metrics

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Civilian Government Agencies Strategy

Censeo developed a performance measurement framework of cascading metrics to help a federal agency measure and manage the front-line operations of its massive transformational strategy.


The client, a federal agency employing hundreds of thousands of employees and serving more than 20 million constituents, was undergoing an agency-wide strategy transformation to better deliver services and benefits to its constituents. The client brought Censeo to design a performance measurement framework and tool, providing a top-level “executive” view that linked progress of the agency’s overall mission, goals, and priorities with its day-to-day operations led by frontline employees.


Censeo conducted a rapid diagnostic of the agency’s existing system for tracking success of its transformation strategy. After assessing the strength of this system, Censeo developed a performance measurement approach of cascading hierarchies of metrics and targets that illustrated how daily operational outcomes can drive broader agency objectives. The first tier of enterprise-level metrics linked to the agency’s vision and strategic objectives, providing visibility to overall business performance across services. Censeo then aligned the agency’s enterprise- level metrics to critical initiatives and existing performance dashboards, measuring operational performance and overall enterprise performance against goals.


Censeo developed a performance measurement framework and tool to help a federal agency measure and manage the operations of its massive transformational strategy while staying aligned with its core mission. Censeo worked closely with agency leadership—engaging more than 40 leads across the agency in eight weeks—to develop a visual, cascading performance measurement system. This dashboard is mission-focused, action-oriented, and user-friendly, and clearly demonstrates the value of services delivered to the agency’s constituents. The performance measurement framework and tool will support the agency’s transformation strategy by:

  • Enabling agile executive-level decision-making and allowing leadership to make necessary course corrections early and often;
  • Managing change across a large and complex organization and ensuring day-to-day outcomes align with larger goals and missions;
  • Identifying capability-building initiatives considered essential to achieving organizational priorities; and developed a reporting system for measuring success of implementation; and
  • Ensuring improved collaboration across departments, and coordination with each departments’ unique set of initiatives and policies.

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