Insight | February 18, 2016

Censeo Leads Conversation on Shaping the Future of Procurement

Censeo CEO Raj Sharma facilitated the Public and Social Sector Procurement Best Practices Exchange, a conversation between public and private sector procurement stakeholders on how organizations can identify and align mission-based outcomes to improve effectiveness and promote the social good.

Public sector procurement is evolving, taking on a more strategic role in support of broader organizational missions. How do we known when procurement is enabling the mission and not becoming an impediment? What success measures can we use to gauge progress?

As part of Public Spend Forum’s Procurement Best Practices Exchange, Censeo CEO Raj Sharma facilitated a conversation between public and private sector procurement leaders on how public sector organizations can define the role and goals of public procurement, and measure overall success.  The goal, participants agreed, is ultimately to improve effectiveness and efficiency and create more public and social outcomes.

Organized by Public Spend Forum, the meeting featured speakers and case studies from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Commonwealth of Virginia, U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the World Bank. The presented case studies provided real-life examples of current issues facing the procurement sector, and offered a chance for participants to engage in a spirited discussion on how to measure the value of procurement.

Exchange participants explored the challenges of measurement, starting with the lack of alignment on outcomes sought from procurement.  Participants also explored the different types of metrics used by organizations, from strategic to operational.  Ultimately, participants agreed that aligning around outcomes and role of procurement is a first step towards defining the right measures.

Along with Michigan State University and the support of Censeo Consulting Group, Public Spend Forum is launching a study on best practices in the area procurement metrics.  The goal is to create a metrics framework that can potentially be leveraged by the public sector.

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