Insight | December 10, 2014

Censeo National Security Practice Director and Business Analyst Published in CFR Blog


Can Ash Carter Finally Tame the Defense Acquisitions Behemoth?

By Alex Haber and Jeff Jeffress

Originally published on CFR’s Defense in Depth blog.

For decades, pundits and policymakers have bemoaned the Pentagon’s cumbersome, sluggish procurement processes and rampant overspending, especially compared to industry counterparts. Though these arcane protocols will be challenging to improve, the stars appear to be aligning for actual reform.

With Dr. Ashton Carter—who previously served as the Department of Defense’s head of acquisitions and the COO-equivalent as deputy secretary of defense—now slated as the next defense secretary, a unique window of opportunity may be opening for the $500+ billion agency. Carter is a policy expert with extensive operational knowledge of the DoD.  As such, he is well-equipped and well-positioned to bring about much-needed upgrades in this complicated space.

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Alex Haber is a business analyst in the national security practice at Censeo Consulting Group. Jeff Jeffress is a managing director and head of the national security practice at Censeo Consulting Group.